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With a name that means ‘tobacco’ in the Taino language, Cohiba is a fitting tribute to Cuba’s rich tobacco heritage. Founded in 1966 as a producer of premium cigars for Fidel Castro and other high-ranking Cuban officials, the Cohiba brand quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Today, Cohiba is one of the world’s most desirable cigar niche brands, prized for its exceptional quality, distinctive flavor, and impeccable construction.

Cohiba Siglo VI is a stunning example of the global brands’ artistry, featuring a flavorful blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. This robust cigar is full-bodied and complex, with earth, leather, and spice notes. The Siglo VI is beautifully constructed, with a perfect burn and draw that highlight the expert craftsmanship of the Cuban cigar makers.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable smoking experience, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a must-try. This exceptional Cuban cigar offers everything that discerning smokers crave – outstanding flavor, perfect construction, and impeccable quality. Treat yourself to the ultimate smoking pleasure with a Cohiba Siglo VI today.

Cohiba Siglo VI

Where to Buy Cohiba Siglo VI?

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Quick Overview

  • Cohiba Siglo VI are elegant-looking authentic Cuban cigars with deep brown wrappers. It has a Canonazo shape and is filled with filler from Cuba. The binder is also from Cuba. As for the wrapper, it is a dark brown Cuban leaf.
  • This cigar’s cold draw gives hints of cedar, cocoa, earth, and leather. There is also a light spice present. Once you light up the Cohiba Siglo VI, you will first taste a light pepper followed by coffee and earth notes. The Cedar comes through in the background along with creamy vanilla and sweetness.
  • In the second third, the Cedar flavor becomes more pronounced while the sweet vanilla and light spice flavors remain. The coffee flavor begins to fade and is replaced by a leather flavor. The sweetness also becomes more intense.
  • The final third sees the Cedar, Vanilla and light spice flavors becoming even more pronounced. The nutmeg flavor also comes through. The cigar ends on a sweet note, with the Vanilla and Cedar flavors being the most dominant.


With a smooth, lacquered finish and a sliding lid, the Cohiba Siglo VI’s box signifies the quality cigars inside. It comes individually wrapped or in boxes of 10 or 25, with each cigar featuring the signature gold-bordered, holographic Cohiba band.

Also, it is a large cigar, measuring 5 7/8″ by 52 ring gauge. Its shape, called Canonazo, translates to “cannon shot.” The Siglo VI has a flat triple-cut head cap and a light brownish-tan wrapper with faint veins. The cigar is packed well from foot to cap with a thin, delicate wrapper.

Taste And Draw

Take a trip back in time to Cuba with a Cohiba Siglo VI. From opening the box to the first light, this Cuban cigar is an experience like no other. The cigar’s construction and flavors are redolent of a bygone era, giving you an authentic smoking experience.

You’ll be greeted with perfumey scents of soft spice and cedar when you open the box. These notes will carry through to the cold draw, along with hints of cocoa, earth, saddle leather, and light spices.

Once you light up, the pepper notes from the cold draw will become more pronounced, joined by flavors of coffee and earth. The cedar will also make a reappearance. These elements come together harmoniously, resulting in a truly enjoyable cigar-smoking experience.

cohiba siglo vi

Cold Draw

For the Cohiba Siglo VI, the cold draw is extremely important. This is because it can give you your first hint at how the cigar will taste. Will it be bold and in-your-face, or smooth and easy to smoke? The cold draw can also give you an indication of how the cigar will burn.

It is world-renowned for being a smoker’s cigar. This means that it is slightly pungent but never to the point of being overwhelming. The first flavor you will notice is cedar, followed by more distinct tastes of cocoa, earth, and leather. There is also a light spice present which ties everything together nicely. This cigar is perfect for anyone looking for an enjoyable smoking experience that is both complex and relaxing.

First Third

With a perfect draw, it starts with light pepper notes, which quickly turn into coffee and earth flavors with a hint of cedar. The creamy vanilla and mild sweetness come through towards the end of the first third, making for a rich and complex taste that is never overwhelming.

The smooth smoke leaves a nice cloud, while the aroma has light sweet, and woodsy notes. Overall, the body starts as light to medium but moves into the solid medium territory by the end of the first third. The burn line is even and straight.

Second Third

The cigar picks up in the second third much as it did in the first. Cedar notes still abound, with vanilla sweetness. Light spices and hints of pepper begin to show themselves, but they never overpower the other flavors at play. With coffee and leather in the background, there is a solid foundation of earthy tones with sweetness.

It produces a great deal of smoke, which is pleasantly aromatic. It leaves behind a natural tobacco taste that is enjoyable. By the end of the second third, the cigar has become solidly medium-bodied. The burn and the draw continue to be flawless.

cohiba siglo vi
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Final Third

With the end nearing, the rich flavors of cedar, vanilla, and nutmeg become more prominent. The cedar taste becomes stronger while the sweetness of the vanilla fades and is replaced by a new flavor, nutmeg.

The Cuban cigar remains a medium-bodied smoke with thick and voluminous smoke that gradually becomes lighter and airier in the final third. Despite this change, the smooth mouthfeel, tobacco-y flavor, and perfect burn and draw remain consistent to the end.

Summing Up

The Cohiba Siglo VI Cuban cigar is a truly enjoyable smoking experience with a perfect draw and an even burn. The complex flavors of cedar, coffee, earth, leather, and spices combine harmoniously to create a rich and flavorful smoke. The cigar is also packed with creamy vanilla, and nutmeg notes that add an extra layer of sweetness and depth to the flavor profile. If you’re looking for an authentic Cuban cigar smoking experience, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a perfect choice.